Hire 5 Star Movers when you want the best movers in Bronx handling your move from start to finish. No other moving company can offer you the peace of mind and hassle-free service that you’ll find from 5 Star Movers. If you’re experiencing stress as a result of a quickly-approaching relocation, make a phone call to our pros to find out how we can eliminate the anxiety and get you moved with no surprises along the way. Request a free moving quote when you call us at 212-913-0231.

5 Moving Day Tips To Keep You On Schedule

1. Be polite but firm when turning down help from friends and family; it’s better to have a professional moving company on-site than risk chaos and confusion on moving day. Well-meaning friends and family members simply don’t have the expertise required to take on your move in the same way as 5 Star Movers. Let loved ones know that they can help with pre-move packing and labeling that will keep your move organized.

2. Don’t skimp on packing materials and supplies. Using old boxes can mean breakage during your move, so it really does pay to invest in the best; ask our team about supplies when you call to request a quote for your move.

3. Make a schedule that outlines preliminary tasks that can be completed long in advance of moving day:

  • Have your mail transferred to your new residence
  • Contact utility companies to turn off services
  • Arrange for short-term or long-term storage
  • Hire a move-in/move-out cleaning company
  • Arrange for junk removal
  • Return library books
  • Keep a large bag packed with personal items you want handy during your move
  • Make a list of important phone numbers (your movers, landlords, auto rental, etc)

You won’t regret hiring 5 Star Movers in Bronx to handle every last detail of your move. Give us a call and we’ll help you select the right moving services or moving package. There’s a reason why so many Bronx residents have placed their trust in us when it comes to their moving needs- we are committed to providing exceptional customer service at a price you can afford. Don’t take chances- you want a professional at your door on moving day to ensure there are no surprises that will prevent a successful move.

Rated Best-In-Class Bronx Movers

Instead of hiring a mover who can only offer one basic service, choose 5 Star Movers for a customized move. We’ll save you money by offering a la carte services, such as labor-only, packing & unpacking, transportation, and self storage. You have just one chance to get this right- make sure you reach out to our moving team for a rewarding experience come moving day.

We can provide a free quote for your move when you call 212-913-0231, along with free advice and moving tips. Check out the free resources on our website, as well, including blog articles, moving facts, and our Moving Box Buyer’s Guide, all of which will help keep you on track when facing a move.

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