garage shelves orlando Install affordable shelves for a garage in Orlando by purchasing your system from A Rack Above. Our storage solution costs a fraction of what other companies charge and is so easy to install, one person can put up our storage rack in just 30 minutes. No tools or drilling are needed when you install A Rack Above, so there’s no worry about damaging your garage or creating unsightly holes if you decide to take the system down. We invite you to take a closer look at the easiest, cheapest way to get organized in your garage; A Rack Above is made in America and designed to last a lifetime, providing outstanding value.

3 Tips For Choosing Shelves For a Garage in Orlando

1. Consider the cost of the product as well as the labor for installing your shelving. Handyman services charge a premium, but may not have the right experience for the job. A better solution is to choose A Rack Above- you’ll avoid having to pay someone to install your garage rack and you’ll spend less on the unit, as well.

Key features of our garage storage rack include:

  • One-person assembly
  • No tools or drilling required
  • Installs in 30 minutes- not hours
  • Fits in small and tight spaces
  • Order custom sizes

2. Choose a garage rack that will hold up to extended use and perform well under all conditions. While many systems are flimsy, A Rack Above is sturdy, durable, and made from galvanized metal. High humidy in Florida can cause corrosion over time, rendering a quality metal shelving system virtually useless in a few short years. A Rack Above provides excellent corrosion reistance, so you won’t have to worry about powder coating or painting our shelves for your garage in Orlando.

3. Purchase garage shelving that doesn’t involve an installation appointment and a long delay. Some systems can only be installed by a certified product installer; A Rack Above requires no such certification or professional assistance. Install your new storage set-up and enjoy immediate results; get all of your boxes, bins, and crates off of the garage floor and onto shelving where it won’t attract rodents or create a cluttered garage space.

There’s a reason why so many central Florida homeowners turn to A Rack Above to resolve their storage problems; our solution is affordable, easy to install, durable, and the best overall value among similar products. There’s truly nothing else on the market that compares with A Rack Above.

If you’d like to learn more about the best shelves for a garage in Orlando, make a call to our team at 417-474-1214 and we’ll answer all of your questions as you compare products and prices. Instead of wading through clutter when you want to spend time working in your garage, you can reclaim lost space by installing an overhead rack that will resolve your storage challenges. A Rack Above has an adjustable height, so you can customize your storage space in a way that works best for you.


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